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What is a power buggy ?

Originally made for moving concrete to the pour, power buggies are now used for many different hauling jobs in a variety of industries: concrete spot pouring and spread dumping, construction debris removal, landscaping, material handling and distribution, on-site tool and equipment transportation, including cemeteries, golf courses, nurseries, and agricultural operations. Our power buggies feature a hydrostatic drive for smooth driving on flat terrain or inclines. Our power buggies and their operators are exceptionally reliable.

What are the advantages of using a power buggy?

Reduces Labor: If you’ve ever tried to push a full wheelbarrow of concrete over uneven and unstable ground you know what I mean. A concrete buggy lets you do the same amount of work on a larger scale with only having to push and pull a lever. This saves on your crew’s energy as well as saves stress on their bodies.

Less Chance For Injury: A power buggy requires much less effort and physical ability than pushing a full wheelbarrow does, lowering the chance of muscle pulls or lower back strains.

Saves Time: One power buggy can hold up to 5 full wheelbarrow loads of concrete getting the pour done much faster with less men. We offer a buggy WITH a skilled operator. Minimum access of 4 feet is required.

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