Concrete Mixes

Concrete strengths:

We offer multiple strength blends including 3000, 3500 and 4000psi.

4000 psi, 3500 psi and 3000 psi all refer to the compression strength of the concrete (resistance to downward force in pounds per square inch), usually at 28 days of curing. Concrete suppliers sell their concrete based on its rated psi and the higher the psi, the more it will cost. In general, 3000 psi is most commonly used in the construction of concrete walls, footings and flat work such as floors and walkways. We over engineer our mixes to make-up for environmental and workmanship issues

Why use Onsite Concrete volumetric mixers? Here are a few reasons:

  • Say goodbye to hot loads. If the finishing crew hasn’t arrived, or the forms need to be changed, don’t panic. Onsite mixers produce fresh concrete on site when you need it, so you never waste a batch.
  • Deliver the exact amount. With our mobile mixers, the customer receives exactly what they ordered. No need to order (and pay) for extra concrete “just in case” or worse- not order enough!
  • Multiple deliveries. Because our mobile mixers are versatile, they can be used for a variety of applications: pour a quarter yard for a fence post at one job, and then travel to another job to pour three yards for a sidewalk repair then move on to your 4 yard patio pour! Our trucks are capable of handling 10 yards at a time.
  • Stop waiting on drum trucks. When your workers consistently have to wait around for ready mix trucks to arrive, lost profits quickly add up, not to mention having to wait until late in the day because all the “big jobs” get their concrete first! This makes a huge difference during our Florida summers- when those afternoon storms roll in!
  • Easily request mix designs. Mobile mixers are more versatile than ever. We can mix and pour concrete to support any client need. We also offer fiber mesh reinforcement.
  • Weekend deliveries. Using drum trucks ties your pour to the plant’s schedule, but our mobile mixers let you pour on your own schedule, no need to work around batch plant hours, allowing you to schedule weekend deliveries without hassle.
  • We deliver concrete to rural and remote areas. Once water hits the powder, a chemical reaction starts as well as the small window in which the concrete can be used. This causes limitations if drum trucks need to travel long distances to job sites. Our mobile mixers allow us to provide quality concrete to our customers in rural and remote areas.
  • Go green. Barrel trucks must constantly run to keep the drum running and the concrete moving. With mobile mixers, we can simply shut off the truck until concrete is needed. They also require less water during cleanup, as we only wash out the mixing auger assembly rather than the whole barrel of a drum truck.

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